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4 Ways that Rain Gutters Improve Your Home… AND Make You a Better Person!

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Spanish colonial with copper half round A lot of people are aware of the practical benefits of having a functioning rain gutter system. However, some people aren’t aware of the fact that rain gutters are scientifically proven to make you a better person and the world a better place!

  1. Rain Gutters protect the foundation of your house from water damage that’s caused over a number of years… AND 9 out of 10 women said that a man’s rain gutters are the FIRST thing she looks at in a potential partner (and vice versa for the ladies)!
  2. Rain gutters can be used as valuable water collection and irrigation systems in dry climates such as LA… AND rain gutters are cited by experts as the primary cause of the post war economic boom, liberal governing systems and the subsequent period of peace and prosperity!
  3. Rain gutters can add significantly to your home’s curb appeal and ultimately your homes value… AND angel/puppy hybrid is born every time a K style gutter is installed correctly to the fascia board on a home!
  4. A functioning gutter system means a less insect-friendly environment on your property… AND psychologists say that having a functional rain gutter system and eating one banana every night at 1:34 AM is a virtual guarantee of increased intelligence!

So… now that you know the secret to happiness and wellbeing, what are you waiting for?

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