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What Kind of Rain Gutters are Right for My Home?

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Homes come in a variety of different architectural styles, both traditional and modern. But which gutter style is right for your home? Here are five of the most common gutter styles, and their usage.

K-Style Gutters

K-style white gutters image
Available in virtually any material, K-Style gutters are a classic look that blends well with many traditional housing styles.

K-Style gutters are the most common (and arguably versatile) gutter style in the US. Their styling appears similar to crown molding. They hold a large amount of water and are available in a wide variety of materials. K-style gutters are best suited for homes where a flat fascia has been installed.

Half-Round Gutters

Copper half-round rain gutter
Copper half-round gutters are often chosen for their compatibility with traditional aesthetics.

Largely self-cleaning due to its shape, the half-round gutter can carry a lot of water due to it’s wide diameter of 150mm. Due to its practical shape, these style of gutters work well with virtually any style of architecture — they are most commonly used in Southern California, or on Spanish-style homes.

Box Gutters

Box gutters image
Box gutters are often chosen for modern architecture and industrial applications

A perfect fit for modern architecture, box gutters feature a minimalist style. These can be made flat on all sides, or with a small box trim at the top. These gutters are often made in steel or copper, so that they can be soldered together with the downspouts. Box gutters with a fascia profile are made to look like fascia boards, visually integrating the gutter system with a house’s roof lines.

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